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Frequently asked questions:
Are we all ages?
Yes, we are all ages at all times. Come on down and bring your family!  

Do we take reservations?
Unfortunately, we don’t take reservations. We do welcome you to call ahead 45 minutes before your arrival and be placed on our waiting list. Please call (306) 343-7000 and press 1 to speak to a host.

How do I book an event?
Please follow the link below to our event inquiry form and our events manager will reach out as soon as possible.

Are pets allowed in the brewery?
Pets are unfortunately not allowed in the brewery, but we welcome all pets on our pet-friendly patio. Please call us when you arrive to speak to a host to be seated. (306) 343-7000   

Do we provide brewery tours/tastings?
we are not doing tours and tastings at this time, however you can take in all the views and magic from almost anywhere in the facility.

Do we have gluten free options?
We sure do! Here is a list of all our options:
Appetizers - Patrick’s Pickled Egg.
Sandwiches – All sandwiches can be substituted with gluten free bread.
Salads – Taco Salad w/ Beyond Beef or grilled chicken, and Caesar Salad w/ no croutons.
Nachos – Plain jane, Buffalo chicken, beyond beef, and Vegan.
Mains – Kung Pao Cauliflower Bowl
Brunch – Omelettes (The Mega Meat, Green Eggs, & Lobster, Get it to the Greek, and The Cheeser.)
*Please note the below gluten free items that enter the deep fryer may be cross contaminated.
Fries, Pepperoni Chips, and Lollipop Chicken Wings.  

Do we sell gift cards?
Yes, gift cards are available at the bar or your server.


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