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Prairie Sun is a locally focused Saskatoon brewery that handpicks all it’s ingredients to produce the best small-batch brews with distinct flavor.

An old style ale originating from farmhouse breweries of Northwest Belgium. A soft, red, haze comes from the locally grown and malted Saskatchewan Red Wheat. We brew this complex ale with orange zest, fresh peppercorns, and coriander for a citrus and spicy balance. Be careful, this beer is refreshing and goes down way too easily for 6%!


6% ABV • 25 IBU • 6 SRM


Pineapple Express is made with our Hefeweizen, Urban Wheat, and has a ton of pineapple taste to it, due to the pineapple purée we add directly to the beer after fermentation. It is sweet, light, and crisp, with the earthy  German Perle hops complimenting the pineapple perfectly.

5% ABV • 18 IBU • 3 SRM


The Urban Wheat is a Bavarian style Hefeweizen, which is a wheat ale. A classic from Southern Germany with fruity banana notes and clove aromas it is very refreshing, and makes a great summer beer. The fun thing about this beer is that it doesn’t have any banana or clove in it, all of that flavour comes from the yeast during the fermentation, which is why we leave some of that yeast in the beer, making it cloudy. The wheat adds a soft, creamy, mouthfeel, balanced by fruity flavours and the higher carbonation of traditional Hefeweizens.

5.5% ABV • 22 IBU • 3 SRM


Our German style Pilsner, Prairie Lily is brewed with two German aroma hops: Hallertau and Saaz. The sweet malts create an inviting balance to the earthy floral hops. Extended cold aging of this beer gives it a smooth, crisp and clean profile that allows the traditional ingredients to shine.


4.5% ABV • IBU 30 • SRM 7


Red Rover is our take on an Irish Red Ale, with a beautiful red hue and a light tan head. The flavour starts malt forward with a strong caramel presence followed by a light dried fruit note. The hops, Cascade and Columbus, come in after that with flavours and aromas that are both herbal and fruity, rounding out the sweetness of the malt. The finish is smooth and velvety, with a lingering sweetness and some black tea flavours from the hops. This is a wonderfully balanced ale for any occasion! Slàinte (Cheers)!

5.2% ABV • 18 IBU • 19 SRM


Brewed as the counterpart to our Bad Intentions, this IPA is very approachable and easy drinking! Starting with flavours of pine and honey, this beer is super crisp and refreshing. Those flavours are followed with a long, sweet finish. At 5% ABV and 55 IBU, this is a beer that will leave you wanting another pint...and another!

5% ABV • 55 IBU • 10 SRM


This double IPA is bound to give you bad intentions, bringing 8.2% ABV to the table! It was originally   brewed as a trial beer for the then-new Bow Bayern Malt from Maker’s Malt. With a silky mouthfeel, a sweet biscuity flavour from the malt, and 80 IBU of tropical fruit and pine from the hops, it is sure to be a hit with anyone looking for a delicious and juicy IPA!


8.2% ABV • IBU 80 • SRM 10


Toffee 5 is a unique take on the very traditional Porter style, which is known as the “Original black beer 

from England.” The slightly sweet toffee flavor is a perfect balance to the roasty and bitter chocolate notes. It starts off with toffee and caramel flavours and leaves you with chocolate and malty flavours.  It has a light mouthfeel and it is light in body.  It is our lowest calorie beer!   You will be blown away at the refreshing and lightness this porter has captured and is sure to bring you coming back for more.


4.2% ABV • IBU 25 • SRM 33


A beer created to pay homage to some Canadian rock legends, this 8% Baltic Porter takes you on an epic journey of flavours that is sure to give you a Rush! The Overture starts with aromas of prune and cherry, with a big boozy hit. Give it a taste and have a Discovery of dark fruit and sweet caramel malt, followed by a Presentation of molasses, liquorice, and yet more booze. The finish is a Soliloquy of roasty malts that linger on your palate, making way for the Grande Finale, a vinous, Port-like note and a warming in your chest! Bold, complex, and unforgettable, this is the perfect companion for a truly iconic album! 


8% ABV • IBU 21 • SRM 33

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