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Prairie Sun Brewhouse


            In our brewhouse, we pride ourselves on brewing high-quality beer using high-quality ingredients, sourced from Canadian producers. Since 2013, Prairie Sun Brewery has been marrying our creative brewing ideas with traditional techniques to brew some fantastic and unique beers.

           I joined Prairie Sun Brewery as a Brewer’s Assistant back in 2014 and have taken up the mantle of Brewmaster, striving to keep creating exciting and fun beer for the people of Saskatchewan and the people that visit Saskatoon. For me, it’s about more than just the beer or the job, it's about the community, the tradition, and the drive to maintain a high standard of quality. It brings me immense joy to see guests at the brewery enjoying the products we create, the environment we built, and the community we have cultivated here. Because Good Beer Is Worth It! 


Logan Thiessen, Brewmaster

Prairie Sun Brewery

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