Cameron Ewen grew up in small town Humboldt, Saskatchewan and when he moved to the big city, he found his love for beer.  Over time, his knowledge of the industry grew and it has unravelled a whole new world. Cameron spent a lot of time sampling every kind of beer he could put his lips to and at the end of it all, Porter is definitely his favourite. Creamy and roasty, a delicious rich stout is the way to go!  Although Cameron is busy running this business and brewing beer, he still finds time to take in all Saskatoon has to offer. You will often find him downtown on the prowl for the next best beer.

Heather Williams moved to the middle of the prairies all the way from Boulder, Colorado.  She can’t point out exactly when, but growing up in Colorado, she admits that she got enough exposure with craft beer to turn her into the “craft beer lover” she is today. On days that Heather is not pairing a delicious brie cheese with a perfectly refreshing Saison, she can be found camping, attending festivals, or walking her dog Buddy.

The love that these two share for craft beer led them to explore as much as they could about the industry. Over the years, they have travelled to study breweries near and far to find out the secret recipe to running a successful brewery. They found it with Prairie Sun Brewery and they are excited to share their beer with all of Saskatoon.




Cameron and Heather were approached by a clever entrepreneur that saw the opportunity for craft beer growth in Saskatchewan, to run his brewery for him. They were intrigued by the thought of building his brewery, but after much discussion, they decided they wanted to build a brewery that would reflect more of themselves. They embarked on a research road trip to the “beer capitol,” Denver, Colorado, for some inspiration. There, they developed the vision of Prairie Sun Brewery.

After 19 months their vision became a reality as they took their passion and hard work, and brewed their first batch of beer on a 10-barrel system. Starting a business is no easy task…starting a craft brewery is even tougher. Luckily, they were able to find most of the equipment needed to make it happen from Hogs Head Brewery in St. Albert, Alberta.

In May 2013, Heather and Cameron found the perfect home at the former “Saskatoon Bakery” and they moved in! By June 2015, Prairie Sun had grown to 12 employees and could be found in many restaurants around Saskatoon. Heather and Cameron look forward to sharing their tasty beer with everyone in this community.


Prairie Sun Brewery brews delicious beers with local and quality ingredients for the people of Saskatoon.  One batch at a time, we are going to help grow the craft beer industry in Saskatchewan.

How we do it


Meet the Staff

Buddy Rae - Greeter

What motivates you to work hard? Scooby Snacks
What is your favourite memory? The day we opened the brewery, and Dog Patch 2015!
Anything else you would like to say? I trade belly scratches for the secrets of life.

Logan “Moose” Thiessen - Brewer

What is your favourite Prairie Sun beer? Red Rover Ale
What would be your super power? Currently probably puns, but my choice, super strength.
Do you collect anything? Antique Books

Heather Williams - Owner + CEO

What is your favourite Prairie Sun beer? Urban Wheat, it’s a unique SK twist on a German classic. Perfection!
What would your super power be? Turning water into beer. Oh wait, we do!
What would you do, if you could do anything for a day? Hike in South America, with a big party at the end with my friends and loved ones.

Cameron Ewen - Brew Master

What is your favourite memory? Driving the Pacific Coast Highway from Newport to Seattle.
If you could brew any beer in the world, what would it be and why? Cheery Baltic Porter, aged in barrels down a mine shaft.
What would your super power be? To create and manipulate electricity.


If you could brew any beer in the world, what would it be and why? Fruity sours! It’s something anyone can enjoy
If you started a non-profit what would it be? Finding missing people, not enough is being done!
What would your super power be? Name that tune.





Lindsay Christopherson.jpg


What’s your favorite season and why? Fall! Not so damn hot anymore, leaves all turn colour and hunting season begins!
Do you collect anything? Comic books, board games and video games!

Jill Reid.jpg

JIL REID - Bartender, storyteller

Whats your favorite part of the brewing industry? Getting to work all the super cool events!! All the new people I’ve met and amazing brews I’ve tried!! 
Whats your favorite season and why? Summer!!! We bought a cabin at Cochin this year and it’s been amazing enjoying all that has to offer. Fires, beach, bbq’s. Lake life is the best life. 
Whats the most interesting thing about you? That I am a weightlifter. I got Bronze at Western Canadians and Gold at Canadian Masters Nationals. And I’m currently holding provincial Masters records and 3 Canadian Masters National records.

Holly Primrose.jpg


Whats your favorite part of the brewing industry? Learning all about how to make craft beer-the passion and creativity is addicting, trying all the new beer and finding out I like more kinds than I thought I would, and all of the incredible people I’ve met through this.
Whats your favorite season and why? Summer!!! I love it hot, less clothes, more sun=happiness! ⦁ Whats your spirit animal? Black panther/dragonfly/ varies each day ;)

Kayla Procshin.jpg

Kayla Procyshyn

Whats your favorite part of the brewing industry? All the awesome people I get to meet and the great stories I hear over the bar top! and of course all the beer tasting.
On a scale of 1-10 how funny would you say you are? tell us a joke then! Probably a 9.5 Come in and find out!
Do you collect anything? I have started a button collection! So far I have 6!

Cara Lee.jpg

Cara Lee

Whats your favorite season and why? I love Spring & Fall! They are seasons of change, representing new beginnings and restoration and releasing, cycles and seasons that bring so much beauty and growth.... And there are way less bugs at this time of year! Mosquitoes, flies and moths can all go take a hick down Eradicated Lane as far as I'm concerned!
Whats the most interesting thing about you? I can catch and kill flies out of the air with my bare hands! LOL! Or that I am a Sex, Love, Relationship Coach (
What is your Spirit Animal? It would definitely be a horse! I've been around and riding horses since before I could walk. They have been my biggest teachers and are the most kind, caring, intelligent animals I have ever had the pleasure to make a connection with.